Benefits for a member

The Cannabis Business Alliance is open to any company that operates in the cannabis industry. We know it can be challenging to get expert answers on challenges you may be facing as you develop or expand your cannabis business. That’s where the Alliance helps. You’ll gain these benefits:

Professional advice from cannabis experts

have a question about new regulations? Struggling with board decisions? In our online forum, you will be able to ask your questions, hear from your peers, and engage directly with individuals who are similar to you and your needs

In-person conferences and events

bringing together the greatest minds in cannabis all in one place

Recommended professionals

need help launching your website? Looking for a new distributor? The companies making up the Cannabis Business Alliance will be your first place to go. They have experience specifically in the cannabis industry, making their support tailor-made to your unique business

Affect real change on the city, state, and federal levels

by joining together as one Alliance, we ensure that we can make real change and show local councils that we’re legitimate players who want to help the community

Purchasing power

together, we will use our purchasing power to secure mass discounts from other corporations (such as packaging, cannabis technologies etc.)

Real networking

we don’t just post things online, we encourage our members to actually engage with one another and share their resources, be that legal, marketing, branding etc.

Vision and Donation

There’s no cost to joining the Alliance. All we ask is at the end of the year, if you’ve found value in the Alliance, you make a donation that will be used to start a scholarship for underprivileged children in our community. That’s one way we’re working to change the perception of the cannabis industry – to show we’re a serious industry that gives back.

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